31 Days

Its now 31 days until I head off to Japan, and blogging in preparation of Japan has gone very well so far. Time is going to fly with these next weeks being packed with things today. I begin this adventure today by heading to Pullman then Canada for White Rose which I have been planning for the last couple Months, and so it Begins.
After deciding to take a flight to Pullman instead of drive due to the snow on be pass and terrible weather conditions, I found out that my plane might not even make it. About 10 mins after getting to my boarding gate at the SEATAC airport, the intercom comes on announces they can only take 20 Passengers of the 40 going. So 20 people have to volunteer not to go or go on another flight. I have to be in Pullman by 3:00pm so this is not an option. On top of this they announce that if the plane can out land it will reroute to Walla Walla. I decided to take my chances and board the plane. I’m typing this on the plane so I can’t upload this till I land so here goes nothing I will either be uploading from Walla Walla or Pullman where I’ll be looking forward to a 7 hour bus ride to Canada Eh!


Made it to Pullman!



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