Kanda University of International Studies (神田外語大学)

I just wanted to share with everyone the University I will be studying at in Japan as I’m getting closer to my departure date. I took the time this morning to look at the schools website and get know a little bit more about the school. KUIS is a private university located in Makuhari, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Japan. The university was founded in 1987 as an extension of Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages in Tokyo. KUIS is a research university specializing in learner autonomy. It is one of the most prestigious universities in Japan for international studies.

Here is a translated link to the website where you can look at some photos as well as info on the school Kanda University.

I’m very excited to study here and hopefully will know any day now, where I will be staying in Japan. The school looks very cool and offers a bunch of different classes along with an entire building dedicated to English study. I can’t wait to learn the Japanese language more and look forward to becoming fully immersed in the culture there.

Here a few picture of the school.


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