Luigi’s Mansion (Gamecube) Review

In wake of the new “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon” for the Nintendo 3DS coming out in just under 18 Days, I decided to play the first Luigi Mansion for the Nintendo Gamecube. However I had a little trouble finding the game so I decided to use the Dolphin Emulator on my Mac as I previously posted, to play the first Luigi’s Mansion. I recently started playing Luigi’s Mansion with my Mac and PS3 controller and decided to review it after just finishing the game tonight.

Here’s a video of the emulator running:

I had a great time playing this gaming and really had no background about the game before going into it. Luigi’s Mansion starts out with Luigi wining a Mansion in a contest, that curiously he never entered. Mario goes to check out the Mansion first and ends up being captured by King Boo as you come to find out. This is when Luigi goes in search of his brother to find out what happened to him.

Luigi’s Mansion is definitely a unique genre, and I would say it plays as puzzle/first person vacuum game. In the game you are going around the mansion and going into various rooms to find ghost and capture them, some rooms are straight forward and just require you to blast ghost with your flashlight and suck them up to defeat them; while other rooms require some problem solving to reveal the ghost in the room. For me the puzzle solving of the various ghost in the room is the best part of the Luigi’s Mansion and definitely makes the game.

Although I enjoyed playing the game, I have a few complaints about the controls and time has definitely taken it’s toll on the games graphics. The controls in Luigi’s Mansion are my first complaint, it’s hard to tell where you’re aiming and often times its better to just not bother using the c stick to aim. The games title screen and jump from the mansion to the doc’s lab makes the game fill a little incomplete, its seem like the product was rushed a little bit at the end and wasn’t fully polished, also the graphics textures are very poor and did not push the Gamecube’s graphics at all.

These are minor flaws and besides these things, I enjoyed the game and there was a lot of depth to the gameplay throughout the game: with the flame, ice, and water blower. I looked forward to playing the new Luigi Mansion: Dark Moon on the 3DS, and I’m glad that Nintendo decided to make a new Luigi Mansion instead of a remake, and hope that they improve on some of the complaints they have. Overall I recommend playing the game if your planing on playing the sequel which comes out March 24th.

Heres a trailer for the new 3DS Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon



  1. John Turner · April 13, 2013

    I loved the GameCube title, but at the same time after playing it through in the first couple of weeks of the Cube’s launch, I never went back it, and now kind of wish I had. Should be an awesome title for 3DS, and I hope Nintendo’s year of Luigi lives up to the promise. GameCube emulator, any good?

    • nehayward · April 13, 2013

      Depending on the computer the emulator runs really smooth. A little tricky to setup everything correctly but once you do it’s great. Just make sure and use a PS3 or 360 controller and it makes the experience much better.

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