The Art of Video Games

On Monday, March 11th, my girlfriend and I went down to the Seattle EMP to check out the recently launched exhibit about video games. Parking was easy and we were right next to the entrance from where we parked. Ticket’s are $15, if you buy them online, and gives you access to all of the other exhibits. We had a little trouble finding the Art of Video Game exhibit, but in doing so it led us to some other cool exhibits. They had a Popiconic, Scary Movie, and Jimmie Hendrix exhibit along with the rest of the music stuff which is typically there. The Popiconic one had a lot of SciFi and movie related things at the exhibit.

Here are some pictures from those exhibits:

After checking out these other cool exhibits we finally found the Art of Video Game exhibit, which was conveniently located on main floor of the exhibit. I was surprised about how small the exhibit was, but they did have all of the core home console from Commodore all the way to the PS3. Each Console, had four games with videos that describes what it did for the console. These videos were interesting and I especially enjoyed that one of my favorite video games for the Wii was highlighted, Zak and Wiki. They mentioned how it was a game changer for puzzle games and how it was the first to fully utilize the Wii controls.

Here are some pictures from the Art of Video Games:

In conclusion, I enjoyed the visit and it was cool to see all the consoles, however I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a few extra bucks to spare. Also I would highly encourage that you check out the other exhibits as well to get your full moneys worth.


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