Final Week, then Tokyo Bound!

I leave this Sunday for Japan, and I’m definitely getting nervous about leaving, but I’m also really excited to go live there for 4 months. I’ve been practicing my Japanese, but I’m not too worried about learning the language more since I will be doing a language intensive program. I’m excited to be living with a host family, who I won’t get to meet until after orientation with the school in Japan. I’ve been diligently preparing what to bring for Japan and have picked up an Moleskine Evernote Notebook, which comes in a variety of sizes and styles; I’m excited to use that at school and try out the 3 Month free premium subscription that comes with the notebook. Also, as previously posted, I have my Vaspur Bottle, which I’ve been using here and a Contingo Autoseal for my coffee in the morning. And to carry all of my stuff I got the new Timbuk 2 Command bag as a birthday gift, which I have already started using and have fell in love with it; it’s supposed to be TSA approve, so I want have to take my laptop out of the bag, we will see if they hassle me or not at the airport.

I’ve been reminiscing on my trip to Tokyo this summer and I am really excited to experience more of the culture and become a local, instead of a tourist this time around. Here is a video a made from my last trip there and hope to share more videos and photos on my study abroad trip.

YMCA Japan Trip:


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