Day 2 (二日)

I finally got to meet my Epal, Yumi-San today and it was great to finally talk in person with her. I was greeted with a warm welcome at the airport, where we met and got to talk with her a little before sending my luggage to my homestay and then we took a bus to the Hotel Spring. This is where I’ll be for the next few days for orientation, it’s about 15 minutes from the school in the Chiba District. After checking in at the hotel I went to go get lunch with Yumi san and another classmate. I got ramen for lunch and it was really oishii, which is delicious in Japanese. We then met up with more IES student, and it was me and 9 other girls and I was a little worried there wasn’t going to be any guys. I was then informed by a student and Kanda that the school is 30% boys. After dinner, I finally got to meet a guy in my group and was relieved that I wasn’t the only guy here. Unfortunately I don’t have wifi at the hotel so I’ll be uploading this tomorrow at Starbucks. I look forward to sharing more tomorrow as the program officially begins!

Here’s some pictures from the day:


I don’t know what was going on but for some reason the AC was not working last night and it felt like a sauna in the room. Hopefully we can fix that for tomorrow night.


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