Host Family!

I finally got to meet my host family today! They were really nice and Yuko, my host Mom speaks really good English and was very welcoming. Her daughter Karen, is very cute and also speaks English. I will be helping her with her English and she will help me with my Japanese. I can’t wait to get to know them better and can already tell that they’re really nice and will be a big help with learning Japanese. I haven’t met my host Dad yet, but I will meet him in the morning.


I met my host Dad today and he was really nice, and will help me with practicing my Japanese. I’ve had a great time these last few days in Japan, I finally got to go to Sushi Kaiten and loved it, it was just like in the states, but technically more advanced. I’ve settled in quite nicely, and I’ve unpacked everything in my room. I used the train by myself today and figured out what my daily commute will be to school each day, also that I’m only 20 mins from Tokyo. I met my Epal Yumi today at the Kaihen Makuhari station, and we went to a bookstore and I got a Japanese book which will be a huge challenge to try and read. I know Anthony will be jealous that I got the a Sword Art Online book to read here. After the bookstore we went shopping and looked around at the different places in the city, and then went and got lunch at Yumi’s favorite Ramen shop. The Ramen was really good, we then concluded our trip by watching this really cool street magic show that was right by the station. Overall, I’ve had a great time so far and look forward to starting school next wednesday.

I also got to do a tour of my school which was really fun, here are some pictures from it:

Street Magic:


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