I had a great time today with the Taniguchis, my host family, we went to Koto today and went shopping and saw the old Japanese style market place. We went to the bay area it was really pretty and got to see the Rainbow bridge it was great view even though it was cloudy. We went to an old arcade in the Deck plaza and got to walk around the old Japanese style market. It was really cool to see and great place to sight see and had a lot of cool things to look at. The big attraction is the authentic Tacoyaki, which is little dough balls filled with Octopus with sweet Mayonnaise and fish flakes on the top, it’s really good. We got to try a variety of different kinds and had great view from where we were eating. There was also a great outlet mall which will be good place to go back too for shopping. I had a great time today with my host family and got to see a really cool part of Japan, my placement test starts tomorrow so I’m gonna try and study for that now.

Here’s some pictures from the day:

Here’s a little video of how they make the Tacoyaki, it’s really good:


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