Onsen, 気持ちいい 最高。。。

Last night I had great time at the Onsen, had a little trouble finding the place but luckily we had a local with us who could ask someone where it was. So after about an hour and assistance from a Lawson Mart employee we found the shuttle to get us to Onsen. We went to Ooedoonsen in Shin-Urayasu, where I live, there are quite a few of these in Japan and are known for being a really nice Onsen. The place was huge and it had really cool Japanese architecture inside. When we finally found the place we went inside, and had to remove are shoes before entering into the Onsen, we put our shoes inside our lockers and then entered the Onsen. It was only around $10 US dollars to stay as long as you’d like and they were open really late, it was a great deal. Once inside the Onsen we went to the locker room and changed into our swimsuits so we could go in all the different hot springs. The place had a ton of hot springs and we spent the whole time going from hot spring to hot spring it was great! They had all different types of hot springs, they had a lotion one, a blueberry one and a Chinese bath salt one it was crazy. I know my Dad would of loved this place it was very relaxing and you could just sit and enjoy hot water and they had outside ones and inside ones too, it was really cool place at night. My Dad probably would’ve been there all night, I remember he loved the hot tub we had at our Cabin in Mission Ridge that we used to have. Everyone had a great time there and we all decided that we for sure want to come back and do it again.


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