A Day in Tokyo.

Despite the rain and strong winds today, I decided to venture outside to meet my E-pal, Yumi, at Shin-Urayasu station and then we were off to Tokyo for the day. After meeting at the station, we headed towards Ueno Park and went to the Museum of Nature and Science. They had 3 floors of different things from telescopes to dinosaurs and I was impressed by all of the variety. After going through all the different exhibits we saw this 360 video and decided to go check out what it was. We waited in line to go into the huge sphere and it ended up being this huge ball shaped structure that you could go into with video projections all around you. After seeing everything the museum had to offer, we went back to the station and headed for Asakusa, which is famous tourist spot. We got lost a couple times, but finally found our way. There were a lot of tourists there, so I didn’t feel like a minority. We checked out all the shopping areas and then went to a shrine where we said a prayer and fortune. I think my fortune said my luck will soon turn around, but considering I’m in Japan right now, I’m already pretty lucky. After Asakusa, we went over to Okonomiyaki where we ate at a restaurant where you cook your own food on a hot stovetop.



After having lunch, we went and walked through the Asakusa shops and got a famous local dessert called Ningyo-Yaki. It is soft bread filled with red bean, it’s a nice little sweet and is pretty cheap too. I think my Grandma Harris would’ve liked this place because there is a lot shopping and souvenirs you can buy. It’s also very traditional and there are doll shops that she would love. After a long day in Tokyo we finally went back home on the subway. Before leaving, we went into the shopping center and looked around. We went to a book off, which is a used bookstore and a great place for buying manga, because it’s only around 100¥ for a whole comic. I picked up the first issue of Naruto and Ao No Exorcist for about 3$ total. I know Anthony will be jealous and now I just have to try and read them in Japanese!


Ao No Excorcist and Naruto


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