Rikugien Garden (六義園公園)

I’m lucky enough to have every Wednesday off this semester and decided to go to a Japanese Garden with Yuko. After going to the Ward office with Yuko in Shin Urayasu and registering my permanent address, we headed towards Tokyo. It took us a little time to find the park because neither of us had been there but we finally got there and it was only 300¥ to go into the park. Unfortunately it was cloudy, but the park was beautiful and very peaceful. I learned a new word to describe the atmosphere, 穏やか (おだやか), which means calm and peaceful. We walked around to all the different statues and sights in the park, and then went up to a great vantage point. You could see all of Tokyo from there and it was a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the view. There is also a place in the park to sit and enjoy tea, I think Katie would’ve enjoyed that. We had to go back to Urayasu to pick up Karen, but I would like to go back at night because the park is lit up during the night.


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