Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum & Lockup ๐Ÿ‘ฎ

Last Saturday I went on my first official IES field trip for my Japanese Film class, we went to the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum, because it’s famous for being used as film sets in many different TV shows and movies. It took about an hour to get there, my classmates and I met at the train station near the Museum, then took a bus to Koganei Park were the Museum was at. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t good and it was raining the whole time we were there. The Museum featured an array of different houses some dating back to almost 500 years, longer than the US has been established. Of course these buildings were brought in from various parts of Japan, but it’s crazy to think how old these houses are and that they are still in existence today. There were also very modern houses there and some had a lot of western influence; there was one particularly that was built after WWII and had a lot of western influence, it looked like a western house besides the Japanese style roof. The last part of the exhibit we saw, was a small little town recreated and you could see all the old style shops: they had an Onsen, a old Bar, and a drug shop. It was interesting to compare these to the new modern ones, and how somethings have changed, but how many things are still a major part of the Japanese culture. The whole exhibit took around 2 hours and we got to see a ton of different houses and really get a feel for Japanese history.

After the exhibit some friends and I headed to Shibuya to meet up with some of our Epals and ate dinner there, then went to a bar. It was a Saturday night and Shibuya was crazy packed, I’ve never seen this many people in one place at once and it was quite the experience. Shibuya is famous for being a shopping district and popular amongst the younger crowd, so after getting some burgers, we went and shopped around. After shopping we went to this bar called the Lockup, it’s this prison themed bar and each table is set in a prison cell, but there was a long wait. We had to wait more than an hour to get a table, but it was well worth the wait. We sat down and order drinks and right after we were seated we were told there was going to be a show starting in about 10 mins. Holger and I didn’t know what to expect and our Epals couldn’t really describe it; after 10 mins the show started, the lights turned of and these guys in mask came around and scared everyone. Our guy wasn’t that scary, he shook Holger’s hand and then left, meanwhile we were hearing screams all around. It was pretty funny to hear all the screams, after the show was over we ordered more drinks and some food. One of the things we ordered were these russia roulette Tacoyaki balls, basically there are 6 different balls and 1 of them has something weird in them. So we all took one at the same time and eyed each other down to see who go the bad one or if anyone did. I was chewing my food and then all of sudden it started to get spicy, I then asked if anyone else’s was spicy, and by that point I knew I got the bullet. My mouth became inflamed in heat and I had drink some water and more food and tried anything I could to cool it down. All in all, I had great night and the themed bar was a lot of fun and definitely unique to Japan.


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