So I’ve finally gotten into a rhythm of being in school and adjusting to all the new and different things in Japan. Yesterday I went to the Kendo club, and got to try Kendo for the first time, I got to wear the body gear and use a the wooden sword my first day. I’m glad I went and I learned a lot the first day, and look forward to going again. I got a lot coming up this next week, in Japan it’s going to be Golden Week, basically all of Japan takes a vacation. So right as I’m getting into the groove of things, we get a 10 day break. I’m really looking forward to this break though and am planning on going to Fuji Q this roller coaster park, Tokyo Sky Tree, and hopefully Kyoto if I can get it planned in time.

Golden Pavilion

Once Golden Week is over I’ll be having Katie visiting me, I can’t wait for her to get here and go to Tokyo Disney Land with her.



Then today we had our orientation on our Okinawa trip,



it’s basically the Hawaii of Japan. That’s going to be May 22-25. So I got a lot of stuff coming up and I know my time in Japan is going to fly by even faster. I’ve already been here a month and there is still so much I want to do.


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