Sky Tree and Shinjuku Goen

It’s officially Golden Week! Well almost… in about an hour, but our break has already started. So on Saturday Yumi invited me to go to Tokyo Sky Tree, it’s currently the tallest building in the world. I met up with everyone at Ueno Station and got lunch at the station, then from there we decided to go to Shinjuku Park.

Shinjuku Goen Temple HDR

Shinjuku Goen Temple HDR

It’s one of the bigger parks and it’s great place to walk around, there are a variety of gardens in the park, or go lay in the sun. It was a perfect day for the park, it was warm and sunny and there were a lot of people enjoying the park as well. We walked around the park for about and hour and then had the great idea to go lay on grass, it was so relaxing and there was conveniently classically music being played in the background. After take a nice long rest on the grass we had to go because the park was closing, so we headed to our next destination Tokyo Sky Tree. I have seen Sky Tree from far away almost everyday when I’m in Tokyo, but you really have no idea how big it is until your’e standing right underneath it. The building is massive and there are a ton of shops beneath it, along with an aquarium. We walked around the building and got to see a bunch of different shops, It’s quite the tourist spot. Unfortunately we didn’t go to the top because it was too expensive, but we still got to enjoy the size of the building. I liked it even more at night, the whole tower becomes illuminated in purple and changes color each night. It’s definitely a tourist spot, and must go if you’re ever in Japan. After a long day I finally returned home and got some must needed sleep.


One comment

  1. busymindthinking · April 28, 2013

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s spectacular. Blessings on your day.

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