Handmade ‘Hard’ Candy

So I first experienced this rolled handmade hard candy at the Tokyo Station, when I first got to Japan about a month ago. It first caught my eye when I was at Tokyo Station walking around 5th street, its underneath the station and has a bunch of shops, and saw the people’s hands rolling the candy. It’s crazy to see how they make these little bite size candies, they start with a huge piece of candy and then add various layers and colors to make intricate designs.

The first place was called Papa Bubble, and I got a variety pack of different flavors. It was not like I expected, it wasn’t hard like a jolly rancher, but almost had a soft center that melted in your mouth. It was really good and the first hard candy I’ve had that doesn’t break your jaw when you bite down on it. It was delicious and each candy melted in your mouth, and there are a whole bunch of flavors that taste spot on; they have Grape, Orange, Cherry, Strawberry, and many others. Each one of these candies has a specific design on it, such as small picture of the fruit, or is designed to look like the inside of the fruit. So the next encounter I had with this hard candy was at Candy Showtime, which is another place that specializes in handmade candy, but they specialize in having little messages in candy. These candies are delicious and make great お土産 – Omiyage (Gift Souvenirs), I highly suggest checking out one of these places if you ever visit Japan.


One comment

  1. Troo · April 30, 2013

    Want to know something fab? The chaps are wearing heatproof gloves because the only way to work the sugar like that is while it’s dangerously hot. They have a heat lamp and rubber mat up the far end to prevent it from cooling too much with all the air exposure and increased surface area. When they pass it to the other chap it gets into contact with cooler air and the cooler metal worksurface, which helps solidify the candy more quickly 😀

    Man, I know some totally random rubbish!

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