Golden and Silver Pavilion – 金閣寺と銀閣寺

I got up early today and took a nice walk around the neighborhood. I was looking for this homemade candy shop, but unfortunately it was closed because of Green Day, the Japanese holiday. It was a nice walk nonetheless, and then I headed back so that we could catch the nice weather for the temples. Our first destination was Golden Pavilion, it’s a temple that was rebuilt in the 1955 after it was originally burnt down, and is plated in gold. We took a short bus ride there, which was extremely packed due to the holiday. We arrived to even more crowds and were basically cattle run through the temple ground. It was really an amazing site though and the gold dazzled in the sun.



Despite the crowds it was worth it to see this magnificent gold plated temple. Next on our agenda was the the Ginkakuji Temple, or the Silver Pavilion, which took about an hour to get to because we didn’t get on the rapid bus. The Silver Pavilion, was not finished due to high price so it remains unfinished. Despite not being complete, the Silver Pavilion offers a much longer walk around the area and there is a great view from the top. I’d suggest the Golden Pavilion for pictures, but the Silver is better for walking around and the area is more touristy.


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