iPhone Ringtones and Text Alerts

I think a feature that is overlooked or not realized on the iPhone, is that with the introduction of iOS 6 you are now able to customize alerts on your phone with custom sounds. This is just another way of making your phone your own and unique, also you won’t be confused when the chime text alert goes off in a room full of iPhones. So I’ve put together some ringtones I like as well as some alert tones, which can be used for text alerts, email alerts, Facebook, and more.


  1. Mirrors – Justin Timberlake
  2. Love Me – Lil Wayne
  3. And We Danced – Macklemore
  4. Walking Dead
  5. Dexter

(Bonus) Love on Top – Beyonce (For Lil Kate)


  1. Mario 1UP
  2. Resident Evil Item
  3. Blue, You’re My Boy – Old School
  4. Mario – Fireball
  5. Xbox Achievement

If none of these ringtones or alerts are for you, you can download Ringtone Maker (Free) on the iOS Appstore and create your own ringtones from your music library.


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