Playing with Photo Techniques and Cinemagraphs

I’ve been researching and looking into some new photo techniques to improve my photography, I’d like to start taking more night time photos and realized I need a tripod. Also I’ve been interested in creating Cinemagraphs or .gif images, ones that bring the photo to life. I’ve seen some really cool ones on the web I think it’d be cool to learn. So I looked at some tutorials and messed around in Photoshop and figured out how to make gifs and breathe life into a plain photo. Below are just some of my sample of what a Cinemagraph is, the smoothness in transition is what make a Cinemagrap look great. Now that I know how to do it in photoshop, I’ll be looking for more photo opportunities on my next shoot.

My Cinemagraphs:






Here are some other great Cinemagraphs that inspired me:









  1. deanstinson · May 15, 2013

    These are some supper neat GIF’s! We created this tutorial as well to create gifs. If you don’t mind we want to share these pictures with all of our traffic at our site!

    Thanks for sharing your amazing work!

    Here’s the link to making GIFs –

    • nehayward · May 16, 2013

      Not at all, I’d appreciate it if you just put a link to my site with the gifs you take though.


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