Happy Mother’s Day!

I had a long, but wonderful day with my host mom and Karen. Karen and I did whatever Yuko wanted to do today, so we got up early and headed to the Imperial Palace, to go ride bicycles. It was a beautiful day, it was warm and sunny and a perfect day to ride backs around the park and be outside in the sun. The place was really cool that we went to, it was free to rent the bikes; you just needed to fill out a form with your name and age then you could go around the track. It was 3Km trail and we went around it twice, there were a ton of people out today and everyone was enjoying Mother’s day. By the end of going around the track a 2nd time, we were all hungry and we went and got lunches at the grocery store near by, so that we could enjoy lunch outside. We went and ate outside in area with a bunch of water spectacles. Lunch was great, but we were tired from the heat and bike ride so we headed back home. At the station, Karen and I went home while, Yuko caught up with a friend. Karen and I decided to get Yuko flowers to surprise her at home, and then were going to make dinner for her. After resting at home for awhile, we went out to the super market to get supplies for dinner; we were making street tacos and pico de gallo tonight. We got almost everything we needed, but couldn’t manage to find tortilla chips or cilantro, dinner still turned out great though. We ended the night with great dinner and some Coronas and lime, it was a great way to end a successful mother’s day.

Recipes We Used:
Street Tacos
Pico de Gallo

More Cinemagraphs:


Karen Waterfall




One comment

  1. Troo · May 12, 2013

    Awww! That’s such a sweet thing to do for Yuko. I hope she had a great day 🙂

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