Nokogiriyama (Big Buddha)

We had a great time at Nokogiriyama yesterday. It was a long train ride there, it took about 2 hours each way. We finally arrived at the train stop, and we got off at a very very small town, it was basically just the train stop with no signs for Nokogiriyama. Luckily we found our way and it was less than a mile away. The place was amazing and a great hike, there were a ton of stairs but the view was incredible at the top.



The Buddha statue called Daibutsu was massive, it was all carved in stone and was 27m tall. We did a lot of hiking and were tired, but we found the Gondola to take for the way down. The sun was setting as we descended down the mountain, it was a perfect way to end the hike. After a long ride back to Shin-Urayasu we headed to the Onsen. It felt amazing and is definitely the way to end a day after a long hike. Tomorrow we hit up Disney Sea!

Cinemagraph of Katie

Cinemagraph of Katie



One comment

  1. Karen Hayward · May 21, 2013

    That looks like so much fune!

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