Ueno Zoo with Lil Kate

This was my first time at the Zoo, and it was great. I was told that Ueno Zoo wasn’t that great by a friend so I was a little hesitant, but it turned out to be a great time and well worth the money. If you have your passport you get 20% off so it’s around $5. This is very cheap and provides hours of entertainment, I highly recommend going if you visit Tokyo. There were a ton of animals to see and the first ones we saw were the Monkeys! It wasn’t as cool as Arashiyama, and I wanted to take the Japanese Macque ones to Kyoto to live outside, instead of a small cage. Moving on from the Monkeys, we had to see Katie’s favorite animal, the Elephants. There was a ton more animals to see and we went around a saw all of them; towards the end we did witness two giraffes trying to make some babies, which was shocking and every one was interested in seeing what was going on. It was a little weird, but nothing ended up happening, and we headed to see the Giant Panda last. It was the Zoo’s major attraction and the line to see it had died down so we went before we left. It was a little bit of a let down, cause one was sleeping and the other was far back in it’s cage. Overall it was definitely worth the money to go and a great place to visit, we both had a lot of fun.


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