Last Day with Katie: Diver City

We spent our last day at 台場 (Diver City), it’s a nice little city near the water, just outside of Tokyo and has great view of Rainbow Bridge. We went on a wild goose chase in search of place were you could rent a dog to walk. After countless direction and a lot of walking we found a place that did it, but was sold out. Also, that the original place had shut down awhile ago. So that dream was shattered, but Katie still got to hold a puppy so she was satisfied (probably the highlight of her trip).


The rest of the day we relaxed, shopped, and enjoyed the nice day. We ended the evening with a nice Mexican dinner on the 5th floor of Diver Plaza. The view was amazing and we got to enjoy table side guacamole, which was made in front of us, and really good Mexican food. I had a wonderful last night with Katie and it reminded me of all the support I have from home and how much I miss everyone. Thank you to everyone who has been following my blog and for all the prayer and support you have given me. I can’t wait to return home and tell everyone about my study abroad and be back in the states. Only 60 more days left till I return home, I need to make the most of trip I know it’s going to go by really fast!


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