All You Need for Arrested Development Season 4!

We are less than a week away from the brand new season of Arrested Development! After almost 8 years of the show being canceled it’ll return on Netflix, which will be a test in itself. It could spark a new wave of TV series that are released all at once on the web and set a new standard, only time will tell. If you haven’t watched Arrested Development, all of the previous seasons are available on Netflix, so snag a friend’s account if you don’t have a Netflix account, and catch up. Arrested Development will be released on Sunday May 26th for digital viewing so go head and mark the calendar. I’ve also compiled some Ringtones and everything else you’ll want to prepare for Arrested Development returning.

Season 4 Trailer:

Ringtones and Text Tones:

AD – Opening Theme

AD – Blowing Through Nap Time

AD – Buy Curious

AD – Charlie Brown

AD – For British Eyes Only

AD – Godzirra

AD – Lets Deal Some Drugs

Mac Tone (Stay Tuned for Changing Mac tones Tutorial) – Blowing Through Nap TIme Mac

iPhone Wallpaper:







Jean Shorts

Jean Shorts

Links and Info:

iCal Event

May 26th, 2013 on Netflix

More Ringtones


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