Xbox One Unveiling Event Roundup

It was your typical Xbox event with a lot famous people, like Steven Spielberg, and a lot of lights and glamour. It all makes for an entertaining show but what we want most is the details of the next generation Xbox. Microsoft revealed a lot but definitely is saving more for E3, they showed of tech specs of the new Xbox One, new franchises, new Kinect, and the OS of the system. It all looks great so far but not a lot of in game play was shown, we’ll have to wait for E3 to learn more about the new Xbox One. The entire event can be viewed here.

Tech Specs:

Console Name: Xbox One
64-Bit Architecture
500GB Hard Drive
Bluray Drive
Memory: 8GB of Ram
Kinect 2 Device
Xbox One Controller

Announcement Roundup:

  • All in one one entertainment system, can watch TV seamlessly in the console OS.
  • Controller redesigned.
  • New Kinect 2, a major improvement, saying “Xbox on” turns the machine on.
  • New Snap feature allows you to run dual apps.
  • Fantasy Sports integration, TV integration.
  • Xbox TV guide.
  • They have a trending center for TV shows and movies with social network integration.
  • Smart glass revamped.
  • Native editing and sharing tools for videos similar to the PS4.
  • New EA Ignite game engine, looks great and makes wanna start playing more sport games.
  • 15 exclusive titles in the first year, 8 of which are new IPs.
  • New Halo series with Steven Spielberg involvement.
  • Call of Duty Ghost, brand new story.
  • Impulse triggers, basically little more vibration in the controller specifically in the trigger.

For more videos from the Xbox Event go here


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