Shurijo Castle

Immediately after landing in Okinawa we headed to Shurijo Castle. It was incredibly humid outside when touring the castle ground, but luckily they had AC inside the souvenir shop. It was my first time visiting a castle in Japan and it was cool to see something other than a shrine. Shurijo Castle was used by the Ryukyu Kingdom over a period of approximately 500 years, it was then restored in 1992. We went and toured the inside of castle, but unfortunately you couldn’t take pictures. The castle was interesting and it was great way to get a glimpse into the history of Okinawa. Around the castle grounds was interesting too, there was a little park next to it and it had these crazy looking ducks.



There was a shrine inside the park and tucked away behind a sign were ducklings hidden behind there mother.



It reminds me of Hawaii, as I was told, because of the humidity, tropical fruit, and palm trees. I ended the visit to Shouji Castle with A delicious strawberry, sweet potato, and mango ice cream cone, all natural and indigenous fruits of Okinawa.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

This was a great spot to start off sight seeing, and so far my impressions of Okinawa are great.

Rocks Cinemagraph

Rocks Cinemagraph (Click to View)


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