Review of Katie’s Trip and Tourist Spots for Tokyo

I did so much in Tokyo this past week with Katie and I wanted to share all the exciting places we went to around Tokyo. Instead of listing all the places, I’m going to summarizes the top 5 places to go in Tokyo from Katie’s visit as well as the places I’ve gone so far during my Study Abroad.

Number 5

Diaba City

Diaba City

It’s a great little city outside of Tokyo on the bay and has a great view of Tokyo and Rainbow Bridge.

Number 4



Celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary, it’s hard not to include Tokyo Skytree. Althoug it’s very crowded, it’s the number one attraction in Japan right now and the tallest building in the world.

Number 3



It’s Disney in Japan, if you’ve been to any of the Disney parks you’ll be very familiar. I suggest Disney Sea, as it’s the newest park and offers exclusive attractions.

Number 2

So Excited!

Ueno Zoo

I put this high on the list because besides the Zoo, there is a lot to do in Ueno Park, which is famous for it’s cherry blossoms. The Zoo also has a discount to foreigners and is very cheap, around $5 for hours of entertainment.

Number 1



This is about 2 hours out of Tokyo, and offers a great hike. I chose this as number 1 because after living in Tokyo for 2 months, it was great to go on hike and enjoy nature. There is a lot to do here and it offers an incredible view of the ocean as well as one of the largest Buddha Statues. I also had the most fun with Katie here and it’s a great place to see if you ever get tired of the claustrophobia that is Tokyo city.


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