I haven’t played the guitar since I was in elementary, and playing the Sanshin brought back a lot of those memory. After about 15 minutes or so, muscle memory kicked in and I was playing Do Re Me Fa So La. After about 30 mins I was playing my first song, it was only 2 different melodies. It was really cool though, cause we were reading the music in Japanese.

Kanji Music

Kanji Music

It was great cultural experience and I we got to learn a little bit more about Okinawa.

Sanshin Video:

Sanshin literally means three strings and is often related to a banjo, it consists of a snakeskin-covered body, neck and three strings. Originally a product of China from the old Ryukyu Kingdom, it came to Japan in the 16th century, and spread across Japan. It’s a large part of Okinawan culture and their love of music.


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