Okinawa Expo Park

After making a quick stop at the cliffs we headed to the Okinawa Expo Park. This place was huge, the first place we went in the park was the Aquarium.

Park Map

Park Map

There was a ton of different fish in there and the two highlights was definitely the Shark Whale and the deep sea section that had fluorescent fish and sea creatures. The only downside to the Aquarium, was that it was really hard to take any good photos, regardless it was great spot to see in Okinawa. Other than the Aquarium there was tons more to do in the park. I also got to enjoy a great Dolphin Show, before leaving the park.

Built in 1975 for the World Expo, it remained as a sea and ocean theme park after the the World Expo. It’s most famous for it’s 4 floor Aquaruim, the second largest in the world. It has a crazy variety of fish from exotic to deep sea that illuminate. Among the other things in the Expo are he tropical flower park, maritime museum, a historic Okinawa village, and more.


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