Last Day – Kokusai Street

My last stop before leaving Okinawa was Kokusai Street. It’s a mile long street with a ton of different shops and お土産 (Souvenirs). I picked up some last minute gifts for my friends and family back home, which this place was not short in supply of. There was the Ryukyu glasses everywhere, as well as the Shisha figurines too, this is the Okinawa Kun. It resembles a lion and it always comes in a pair with an open and closed mouth, the open mouth lets in good spirits, while the closed mouth blocks evil. It was great last minute stop before leaving Okinawa and great place to get really good deals on souvenirs. We shopped around for about and 2 hours and went into various shops before heading to lunch. We had a delecious lunch, it was a Teppanyaki style restaurant (like Benihana’s)  called Sam’s Sailor Inn and is famous, and they put on a great show. All in all I had a great time in Okinawa, and despite the not so great weather, I had a blast.

Come back soon for a list of all my top places to go in Okinawa.


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