Iconic Disc – Make Your Mac Your Own

Apple offers a great line of MacBooks which are gorgeously crafted in an aluminum unibody, which is aesthetically beautiful. However the failure lies when you want to customize your Mac and make it your own, until recently the only options had been to use decals, stickers, or a case. All of these are a little tacky and take away from the elegant Aluminum body. Tony Kern and Jeremiah Johnson wanted to change this, and Kickstarted Iconic Disc, a thin aluminum disc held in place with two magnetic landing pads on the backside of your MacBook.

Iconic Disc Specs

Iconic Disc Specs

What is It?

Iconic Disc is a thin, magnetic frame with a transparent image that is backlit by the Apple logo on the back of your MacBook. Designed to hold an array of transparent films and is fully customizable.

Variety of Films

Variety of Films

Like cases for your iPhone this product let’s you add your own style to your MacBook without taking away from the flawless aluminum design of the Mac. It’s crafted from the highest grade material, from the main ring being machined out of aircraft grade aluminum, glass bead blasted, and anodized, to the landing pads made from neodymium rare earth magnets. It’s less than two Pennies thin and is fully interchangeable and fully customizable.

I’ve read various reviews and comments on this product, and one common concern is that it’ll add bulk to the MacBook Pro and looks clunky, also that magnet landing pads will leave a mark. Until I get to see it in person, I can’t be sure on whether it’ll look bulky or not, however it’s only around 3mm and if it does get in the way with your case, it’s easily removable because of the magnets. Also concerning the landing pads, they are using 3M adhesive, which is a well-known company, and from my experience it won’t leave a residue mark.

MockUp of My Computer

I recently contacted Jeremiah, who graciously provided some of the photos and was very kind in letting me write about the Iconic Disc. I will hopefully be getting a prototype in the near future to do an in-depth review.

They are currently working on the site for more preorders, check back to this site for more information on this. I’ll update the info when the site is up and running.
Facebook Iconic Disc
Iconic Disc Site
Kickstarter Site


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