Super Potato and Sunshine City

I took a day trip to Tokyo this weekend and visited Akihabara (Electric Town), and Ikebukuro, for the Okinawa festival. Our mission in Akihabara, for those who don’t know this is the tech and anime oasis of Japan, was to find this retro gaming shop called Super Potato. To our surprise it wasn’t actually that hard to find and it was only a few minutes from Akihabara station. So we took the elevator to the 5th and top floor of the shop and arrived at a classic arcade filled with all kinds of old school games.

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The next level floor had any old school game you could think of and was dedicated to Gameboys and other Nintendo Handhelds, with some other old school consoles mixed in there. It was cool to some of the old school games with the Japanese artwork, and I was overwhelmed by the number of games they had. The final floor held Super Famicom, and Original Famicom and a ton of other gaming consoles from that generations, I know my cousin Marc would’ve loved this place. This is definitely my new favorite spot in Akihabara and it’s a true flash back to the origin of gaming and reminds you where it all started, a great reminisce before E3.

After enjoying some more of Akihabara, we made are way to Ikebukoro to go enjoy the Okinawa festival. After about a 25 min train ride we arrived there and headed for Sunshine City where the convention was being held. Sunshine City is truly deserving of its name, the mall, city, convention center, or whatever you want to call it is enormous. It was the first time in Japan that it was extremely crowed due to the sheer size of the place. After asking for help we managed to find where it was in the city and made are way for the Okinawa festival. We came across the “Beer Garden” first, which was a little bit of let down, but we still enjoyed a beer. After a short break and some Orion beer, Okinawa’s local beer, we headed into the expo center to check out all the stuff. Considering my friends and I had just gotten back from Okinawa, there really wasn’t anything new to see and were a tad disappointed. We had heard enough Sanshin while in Okinawa and we didn’t stick around long before exploring the rest of Sunshine City. It was great to adventure around Tokyo more, and Ikebukuro has some attractions that could draw me there again soon.


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