Arrested Development Season 4 Review – A Slow Start, But a Strong Finish

All eyes where on Netflix, when they first announced that they would be resurrecting Arrested Development for a much a wanted 4th Season. Although die hard fans had there skeptics, could this beloved series survive after being dormant for more than 7 years, and would it still have it’s witty humor that made it so successful?


It’s been a little more than a week since it was released onNetflix, and I still think it’s too soon to judge the series as a whole, but I finished the last episode last night and wanted to share my opinion. I’m going to keep this as spoiler free as possible, so that people can enjoy the show for themselves.

The first episode was good but still felt like something was missing, it didn’t have the spark that was in the previous seasons, but it laid the foundation for how the season was going to play out. As noted by Netflix prior to it’s release, each episode focus on one member of the Bluth family. They make this a key part of the season and there is greater focus on plot, as you see the same story unfold from multiple characters view points throughout the season. At first this doesn’t have much appeal and you feel like the story is just jumping around a lot, but trust me give it time and let it grow on you. There are also a ton cameos in the first episode and throughout the season as well, that add to multi character viewpoint’s.


The plot is a huge focus, but seeing the same thing from different viewpoints make for some funny scenes that you miss the first time, and they are constantly adding to the same stories. Although the series has focused on a bigger emphasize on the plot, whats remains intact is the characters, everyone is the same person they were, with Tobais “never nude” syndrome, to Buster’s hilarious mother issues. It’s all still there, and they revisit a lot of the running jokes from the previous seasons. As previously stated this season focus a lot on the plot, and they also reference a lot from the previous seasons, and it makes you want to go and re-watch the previous season to make sure you get all the jokes from this season.

AD Season 4 2

The season starts off slow, and although there are a few bumps throughout the season it’s a steady increase, with each episode becoming funnier than the next. There is a lot of character development throughout this season and they wrap up  the end of the season quite well, and each character matures or changes throughout the season. I won’t go into detail as to not ruin the ending or the season for you. They conclude the season nicely, but leave you wanting more and hint at a movie at the end of the last episode. Overall I enjoyed the season and although it had a slow start it proved itself to be a great addition to the series, and like all series I’m eager to re-watch them to catch all the jokes I missed the first time around.


Arrested Development Season 4 Review


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