Custom Mac Alert Tones

I previously posted some great tones and ringtones for iOS, but I wanted to go further and show you how to customize tones on Mac OS X.


  1. The first thing you’re gonna want to do is find the text tone you want, for this example we will use we will use Xbox Achievement Unlocked (Right Click Save As) sound. You’ll want make sure that you are using the .mp3 file so that it’s imported into the music section of your iTunes, and not tones.
  2. Once you have it in iTunes you’ll want to got to preference and make sure you’re in the general tab, then you’ll select the import settings and change it to the AIFF Encoder.

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    Once you have done this click OK and we are half way there. Now you’ll want make sure you have the correct song imported and  the correct time length, then convert the song to AIFF by right clicking the song and selecting “Create AIFF Version”.

  3. Once you have the file converted, you have to locate the file and move it into the folder ~/Library/Sounds. To do this copy the underlined text, and in Finder select Go and type  COMMAND + SHIFT + G simultaneously, and the GO search bar will show up and paste “~/Library/Sounds” into this. Then add the .aiff file to this section, make sure the extension has “ff”, two fs on the end. Once you have the file there you’re done. To check if it’s working go to the settings sound tab and check if it can be used as a sound tone.

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This can be done with any text tone you want or have in you’re tone library already. To use a an iTunes tone you have to locate the file in Finder open it in with Quicktime and then export it to iTunes, then go through steps 1-3 as previous stated.

Here are a few Mac Alerts I’ve created:

Xbox Achievement Unlocked

AD Blowing Through Nap Time

Mario – Fireball

Pokémon – Level Up

Hope this is as simple as possible, enjoy!

Here is a tutorial video courtesy of Youtube


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