My Top iOS Apps and App Store Advice

There are so many Applications today on the iOS App Store that it can be overwhelming when looking for the right App. Especially to new users, the quantity of Apps definitely out way the quality and it’s difficulty to choose the right ones and knowing where to spend your money or not. First off I want to go over some tips for purchasing and finding great Apps.

I’d say that almost 80% of the Apps you want to pay for will drop down to a $1 or Free at one point in time. It just requires patience and paying attention to the Apps you want. There are also useful Apps like Appshopper that can help you track down Apps you’re interested in buying.

Apple and other companies or Apps also put promotions on for paid Apps that make them free. There is Apple’s Pick of the Week, this week it is Snoopy Coaster, then Starbucks has begun offering an App of the week for iOS as well. Again this is a game of patience, but can save you a few bucks in the long run. Also, almost every paid App has a similar free version or an Ad version. Do your research before purchasing an App

My Top Apps Folder
That being said, a lot of the great Apps cost money and it can be worth it for the higher quality Apps. Here is a shot of my Top App folder.
photo 1
I keep the Apps that I use daily in here or want to have readily accessible without having to search through all my other categorized folders. Or I’ll have my most frequent ones on my home screen.

photo 2


If you’ve ever found yourself where you hear a song you really like but have no idea what the name of the song is, then Shazam is a must. It listens to a 3-5 second clip of the song, analyzes it and then gives you all the info about the song as well as a link to purchase it.


There are a ton of cloud service company’s but my two favorite are Dropbox and Box. Both are free and are essentially the same. They are great for sharing info with friends, holding documents, music, and more.

If you have an iPad this should be your note-taking App you use. Evernote can be accessed through multiple devices and syncs in the cloud. It also had a recent update which allows you to set reminders. They are constantly updating and adding features, and it’s completely free, it’s the best note-taking App on the iOS store hands down.


Ringtones is also another great App. There are ton of Apps that let’s you create ringtones. This has a simple and clean UI and is Free.

Light App

Having a Light App is essential as well and turns your phone into a powerful LED flashlight.

There are a ton of other great Apps, but it really comes down to preference and what Apps you want. These are just suggestions, feel free to add to the list of great Apps you use.


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