E3 Microsoft Press Conference


  • The press conference kicked off with a metal gear solid preview. All in game running in real time, Realistic passage of time, Open world, Weather change, and more. A lot of characters, graphics look really good. Plot deals with blood diamonds possibly, Metal Gear Solid – Phantom Pain.
  • 13 next gen titles.
  • Brief talk about Xbox 360, New Xbox 360, inline with the Xbox One Design
  • GTA 5
  • …Tank game, world of tanks lame next
  • More titles in development today than ever in their history.
  • Ryse Son of Rome. Amazing graphics and voice acting. Nice fight scene. No new gameplay though. Cool hold defense shield combat. Mario Titus, fight in the Roman Empire. Available at launch.
  • Killer Instinct Exclusive
  • Sunset Overdrive – Kinda has a 80s feel to it. With updated graphics but style feels like that.
  • Forza 5.
  • New Mine Craft.
  • Quantum Break – A tv show and game.
  • D4.
  • Spark gameplay
  • Ryse and smart glass integration
  • No more Xbox points
  • Broadcast gameplay via twitch
  • New Halo
  • Xbox One $499 this fall


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