WWDC Coverage Review

Apple put on a great show today and even had a few surprises, with it’s completely redesigned Mac Pro as well as the new Mac OS X Maverick software. All eyes was on iOS 7 though, and it certainly stole the show, and we’ll see how people react as it’s slowly is unrolled to the developer beta.


  • Steve Wozniak is in the crowd, going to be an exciting event.
  • Anki was announced, a new bluetooth car that has a crazy AI

Mac OS X – Maverick

  • New name of OS X  will be California theme starting with the latest being called OS X Mavericks.
  • New features include a Finder Tabs – full screen, Tagging – now has tags, tag documents, makes searching easier, Multiple Displays – docks and menu bar in both displays. Basically act independent of each other. Also drag and drop screens between multiple monitors with mission control. A lot of under the hood changes. App nap, 72% less CPU activity, compress memory.
  • New safari, shared links, a lot faster safari. Less memory usage. Way less energy usage when inactive. New sidebar with bookmarks.
  • iCloud keychain.
  • Notifications revamped, reply within messages and delete emails without going into apps.
  • New calendar – Suggest places near by. Travel times.
  • New maps app.
  • Finally an iBooks app
  • iWork in the Cloud.
  • New iWork suites
  • Mavericks will be released this fall to the general public.
  • New MacBook Air, all day battery life.  13inch, 12hrs of battery life, with .ac wifi.
  • New AirPort Extremes
  • 11in $999

Mac Pro

  • New Mac Pro
  • Redesigned, cool video introduction.
  • All black, he says, “can’t innovate anymore my ass”.
  • Thunderbolt 2
  • Supports 4k displays
  • Really small 1/8 geek orgasm ha


iOS 7

  • Complete redesign
  • Control center. Have all your airplane mode and Bluetooth
  • Multitasking for all apps intelligent scheduling, updates app automatically.
  • Safari brand new
  • All flat design new colors unified. All new apps
  • Airdrop, share with people right around you, no more Samsung Galaxy S3 haha. Makes a joke about it.
  • Camera, with live photo filters, Moments and collections, Photo collection in years too now, shared photo streams and videos now too
  • New voices, and new ui for Siri, a lot smarter. Answer a lot more questions.
  • Nearby apps, updates apps automatically.
  • iTunes Radio App
  • Free with ads or paid version with iTunes Match


  1. jvtonha · June 11, 2013

    Hi, Nick! How are you? I’ve been reading your blog and I simply love it 🙂 You’re straight to the point and make the news direct. I wanna know if you will giveaway another UDID or if you sell, can you answer me? Thanks for the great job!

    • Nick Hayward · June 11, 2013

      Thanks I appreciate that! I might be doing another one, definitely being doing more giveaways in the future. I’ll have a full tutorial on how to install the new iOS 7 soon.

      • jvtonha · June 12, 2013

        Thanks a lot! Can you put me in this UDID giveaway list? I’d be very glad

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