Mac OS X Mavericks Overview

Alongside the announcement of iOS 7 today, Apple also revealed their latest desktop operating system, packed with features, and looks like a step in the right direction in completing their original goal with Mountain Lion, to integrate your mobile life with your desktop.


I haven’t gotten a chance to use the new operating system, but I’m considering upgrading my computer to try out all the new features and give an in-depth review of it. This iteration of Mac OS X 10.9, seems to be presented to the power users, with un upgrade to finder as well as many other minor tweaks to mission control and other Apps. They are doing a much better job at merging iOS and OS X,  and it seems a lot less forced with notifications become more adjusted to the Mac and has features that aren’t applicable to iOS but work perfectly with OS X. Like being able to do quick replies and delete messages on the fly without having to dive into the main App. There are many other improvements, especially under the hood, and it’s looking to be a much better operating system.


  • iBooks is finally coming to the Mac, so you can sync your books across all your iOS devices and computer and seamlessly switch between all your devices without losing your page.
  • Also coming from iOS is the Maps app, which looks pretty much what you’d expect.
  • New Calendar UI, inline with the iOS 7 version, with more features; like travel time and weather included in events.
  • Safari is brand new, speed improvement and faster and better navigation. New feature called Shared Links, which comes from your Twitter feed of the sites you’re following. Also a lot better CPU usage, that adjust memory usage to the Apps you are viewing, instead of equally distributing it to Apps running in the background but not in use.
  • Keychains is coming to the cloud.
  • A lot better use of multiple displays, they basically acts as independent computers now, with full screen Apps not effecting the other screen now.
  • Enhanced notifications with on-the-fly quick message replies as well as emails.
  • Finder has Tabs and Tags now, which will improve navigation and make searching for files easier.

Final Thoughts

Their seems to be an improvements with this OS X especially under-the-hood, however the UI seems to be lagging with iOS having a complete redesign. The two OS’ don’t seem to mesh as well together, but this is purely cosmetics since overall there is a lot more integration between iOS and OS X. Honestly I’m most excited for the changes being done in the background, with smarter CPU usages and better battery life. These are very critically functions for a Laptop and it’s reason enough to upgrade to the latest OS X Mavericks (10.9). For more information head over to Apple.


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