Kita Kamakura – Engakuji

After about a 2 hour drive we arrived in Kita Kamukara, our first destination where we’d visit Engakuji, number two of the five great Zen temples. Engakuji was founded by Hojo Tokimune in the year 1282, one of its purposes was to pay tribute to the fallen Japanese and Mongolian soldiers, from the invasion by the Mongols a year prior. It host a the Shariden, where a tooth of Buddha is enshrined, but is has been designated as a national treasure, and not accessible by visitors. The other national treasure, that is accessible, is the large Bell (Ogane) standing at the top of the hill. There was a lot to see there and despite being really humid it was a lot of fun and I got to take a lot of great pictures. We also got there just in time for all the flowers blooming so it was really nice walking around the temple area. Engakuji was also covered with Triforces, which we came to find out was the family’s crest that donated money to have this built. It was our first destination and great way to start off our day of touring in Kamakura.

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