Costco in Nihon!

After passing Costco everyday, riding the train on the way to school, I finally got the opportunity to go with my host mom, Yuko-San. She really wanted to go and her friends would always invite her to go but she wasn’t sure about how large everything was, and buying in bulk. Well we got there and it was like Disney Land for house wives, there were a ton of mothers there  shopping and Yuko-San was really excited and interested in all that was going on there. We went through every aisle on both the floors and sampled all that Costco had to offer, which surprising was a ton. It was great to be in a place that was familiar, and it felt like I was back home at the Kirkland Costco. It’s crazy how all these large corporations are international and how they can provide the same service on a global level. I felt like I was shopping with my Mother back home in Kirkland, and it was fun being there with Yuko-San and how interested she was in all the things Costco had to offer.  Yuko-San had a great time and so did I, we picked up Korean BBQ set dinner, which we had sampled, and were off to go pick up Karen-Chan.


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