Catching Fire – A Sequel Done Right

Suzanne Collins’ Catching Fire is the second book in the Hunger Game series, and takes off immediately after the end of the first book. It takes place a few months after returning to District 12, and they have settled into their new lives. Katniss hasn’t spoken to Peeta much since they have returned and tells him that the star crossed lovers was all an act for her. Meanwhile Katniss is trying to deal with Gale, and she is really mixed up with her emotions and the victory tour is upon them. There is talks of a rebellion in the other districts and there is a lot of a talk of a revolt happening, due to Katniss act of defiance with the berries. This being one of the central plots of the book at first, each chapter unveils a new terror that they much face.

This book is a page turner and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole book. There is tons of actions and Collins paints a beautiful picture with her words and it’s easy to imagine the world she describes. There is almost always a cliff hanger at the end of every chapter, and it makes for a very exciting and thrilling read. Overall it’s a quick read and the book flows very well and always keeps you wanting more. I recommend this book to all ages, also it’s a great read in preparation for the movie, which comes out this fall on November 22nd.


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