How to Downgrade from iOS 7 Beta to iOS 6.1.4 in 3 Steps (Mac)

If you’ve been experiencing a fatal battery bug in iOS 7 Beta that is causing you to go from %100 to around %31 in a matter of hours, then I’d suggest that you downgrade back to iOS 6 until a newer iOS 7 Beta comes out that fixes this or till the official iOS 7 comes out. As with any beta product, this is to be expected as it’s not consumer ready, so if you enjoyed iOS 7 Beta but need a fully functinoal iPhone I suggest downgrading at this time.

  1. First thing you’ll have to do is go into iCloud settings and turn off Find My iPhone so that you can restore your phone. (This is a new feature in iOS 7 Beta, to prevent people from wiping your device when it’s stolen.

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  2. Now that that is taken care of, connect your iPhone to your computer, and like with iOS 7 Beta, you’ll have to option click the Restore iPhone Button. Then when the window pops up, press Shift+Command+G simultaneously and enter this in the search bar “~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates”. This should show you the iOS 6 .ipsw file, if not you can download the proper iOS 6 for your device here.

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  3. That’s it, once the restore is complete you can restore from your original backup you made before switching to iOS 7.

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