Great Gatsby Review

Great Gatsby was finally released in Japan, and I got the chance to go see it over the weekend. As is common, I read this book in High School and actually made a short movie of it myself. So I know the story pretty well and I think the movie did a good job of telling the story, and adding a modern edge to the film. The cinematography definitely reminded me of Baz Luhrman’s Moulin Rouge, which I think this feel did well with modernizing the film and giving it a fresh look from the previous Gatsby films made.


Lala Port – Toho Cinemas

Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance speaks for itself, and he does a great job playing Gatsby and captures the craziness and class of J. Gatsby. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Tobe Maguire’s portrayal of Nick Carraway, and I think he did well at portrayal of Carraway. However, my problem is I just don’t like Carraway that much, and doesn’t really serve that a purpose in the Movie, I that’s how Fitzgerald planned this, but in the film I just end up disliking him. I also came to the conclusion that he almost certainly is a closest gay, there is a interesting analysis of that here, it may be naïve but I can’t see a significant reason for him other than being gay to fit into the story.

Overall though, I enjoyed the movie a lot, and I really liked the music in the film. It stayed true to the times of the film, but made it believable for the grandness of what the parties where like back then. It still has all the symbolism that was in the book, and I wish I could have seen this film when I was in High School. This isn’t a movie that you have to see in theaters, and I’d recommend waiting for the DVD unless you really want to see it, I also saw it in 3D and didn’t add anything to the movie.


Great Gatsby Review


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