Showa Memorial Park

Last weekend I went to this big park just outside of Tokyo, and there was a ton going on there. Everyone was outside enjoying the weather and playing in the park, it’s a win lose situation. There is always a lot going on and tons to do, but places are always crowded at the same time, just depends on your mood I guess. I loved it last weekend, all the energy and excitement, we walked around and were bombarded by these little kids who I triggered by simply saying “Hello!”. I kind of knew what I was getting into, because that’s generally the only English little kids know or use the most.

017_Showa Kinen Park_06232013

Showa Kinen Koen (Showa Memorial Park) is a massive, lovely park with bike and walking paths, a lake for boating, water parks and is beautiful in spring. We were lucky enough to see all the colorful flowers blooming, which made for some great pictures. I had a lot of fun at the park, and we were off to the Ghibli Museum after leaving.

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