Ghibli Museum

This is probably the hardest place to go to in Japan, because the tickets can only be bought 2 weeks in advance, at a convenient store, and everything is in Japanese when you’re trying to purchase the tickets. On top of all that the tickets sale out super fast, usually you have to book 2 weeks in advance to be safe, you can also purchase tickets over sea, which I recommend doing if you really want to go on a visit to Japan. That being said I finally was able to go this last weekend, after trying to plan this trip since almost the beginning of my arrival in Japan. That being said, it was worth the wait.

We got off the at the train stop and then took the “Neko (Cat) Bus” to the museum, which was a short 5-10 min ride to the museum. We arrived to this architecturally ¬†beautiful building, with a huge statue on the top of the building. We entered the museum, and unfortunately they wouldn’t allow us to take any photos and there was a lot of staff throughout the museum, I managed to snag a few shots though. The museum itself looks straight out of Ghibli, the inside is beautiful and was carefully designed to fit the style of Ghibli movies. There weren’t a ton of exhibits in the museum, but they were all really interesting and well worth the price, each one carefully crafted in a true Ghibli manor. My favorite part of the museum was the exclusive short animation movie they had, It was really high quality, as expected of any Ghibli product, and there was no dialogue so everyone could enjoy. They change the short films at the museum every 3 months or so, and it’s a big draw for many people. For the price of about $10, I recommend this to anyone that is a fan of Ghibli, if you’re not, it’s still a good museum, but you may not enjoy it as much without a background of the films.

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