Under the Dome: Season Premiere Review

This is Amazon’s way of competing with Netflix’s Arrested Development, both are exclusive to the web. However instead of releasing the entire season at once, they will do it every friday in the traditional TV fashion.

Based off of Stephen King’s Novel, published in 2009, Under the Dome takes place in a small town, that is suddenly encapsulated in a dome. The show starts off by introducing all the characters, and showing off the town, Chester’s Mill, which has that small town vibe. You meet one of the main characters, Dale, who has Murdered someone, and is burying body when we first see him. He then gets into a car crash, which is followed by the dome being dropped on the city. There clearly is something going on in the town and there is a lot of secrets and mystery throughout the rest of the episode.

The special effects in the show are really good and they do a great job of capturing the panic of being encapsulated by the dome. Along with the suspense and mystery, there are few funny jokes, including some about the US government. They do a great job of capturing the eeriness and silence that is followed by a town being cut off from the outside world. Something is going on in this town, and it seems like it wasn’t a coincidence that this city was encapsulated. There is the crazy boyfriend, who turns out to be the son of Big Jim, the unsolved murder who turns out to be Julia’s husband. A lot is going on, and all the characters seem to be connected. However there are a few plot holes, like the boyfriend automatically becoming crazy, but hopefully they will reveal more info abut him later. They show has great start and keeps wondering what is going to happen in the next at the end of the episode.

Overall it was a good premiere episode with a lot of potential, and it gets you hooked. I’ll definitely be watching the next episode and following this show to see what happens in Chester’s Mill.

Under the Dome Season Premiere Review


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