First Day Out in Tokyo with My Big Bro: Tokyo Tower

Let me just start off by saying, it was around 90 degrees today and %80 humid. It was crazy hot today, and the hottest weather I’ve experienced in my 3 months in Japan so far, and made going into AC buildings feel heavenly.

My brother got here yesterday, and today was our first day out in Tokyo and despite the scorching heat, we had a great time today and Anthony was in amazement of the magical world of Japan. The first place we decided to go to was the Tokyo Tower, I hadn’t been there yet and it would be much less crowded than Tokyo Skytree. It was still an incredible view from the top and without the massive crowd of Skytree, which was a nice change. We then headed to Ginza and went to the Apple Store and had lunch at Hawaiian style hamburger joint in Ginza as well. It was nice day in Tokyo, and my brother is loving it here in Japan so far. I have 1 more final, then headed to Taiwan real early Wednesday morning.


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