Save Offline Maps in Google Maps for iOS (Version

Google Maps was just updated today with a bunch of new feature, most notable, the ability to cache maps offline. This is a feature that is already available on Android, and has made its way over to iOS, and is a handy little feature for when you’re traveling abroad without a cellular connection.

How It Works

  1. To enable a cached map you have to pan out to the size of the map you want, generally a city size.
  2. Then in the search field type “Ok Maps”, and this saves it to the iPhone for offline viewing.

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This is a nice little feature, however I didn’t find it particularly useful. Although it does load the map, and allows you to zoom in and out, it doesn’t load directions. Living in Japan the 1 feature I needed while traveling without a cellular network was train directions and times. Even after loading the map it does not load directions and I understand that this would require more data but I think this is something that should be added, otherwise it’s just like having a paper map which isn’t the most useful thing and why it has been replaced by Google Maps.

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