First Day: 7:10am Takeoff.

We definitely got a great deal with these tickets, the only downside was having to wake up at 4:30 this morning and having to stay at a hotel near Narita to make the flight. The plane has a dehumidifier on it and it’s my first time seeing one, it’s blowing a fog like substance from the sides. It was a short and nice plane ride, and we arrived a half an hour early. We exchanged our money, and have no idea how the currency works here, and got  through immigration hassle free, and met up with the Big Holiday group. After taking a look at the vending machine it looks like it’s going to be real cheap here, great news after living in Japan for 4 months.

Next we got on the bus and took like a 45 min ride to the hotel, and arrived at the hotel around 12. We couldn’t check-in till 3:00 so we went and checked out the city. It’s weird not being able to speak or know any of the language and has made me realize how comfortable I was in Japan. I think we figured out the train system and my brother and I are going to try and use it after we check-in. With a little luck hopefully we can get to Elephant Mountain tonight and take some great pictures, and then head to the Huaxi Night Market after.

We got help from a German and hopefully will manage our way to the top. We were told to watch out for snakes on the way down, I feel like Indiana Jones…

We made it, it was an incredible view and I’ll be doing a whole blog dedicated to Elephant Mountain when I return home, so stay tuned.

It’s was a crazy hike to the top, there were so many stairs. So many. The view was well worth it and we stayed till it got dark. It took about an hour to get to the top, but we took another way down, and there were a ton of stray dogs and cats. It was a little spooky going down, and we definitely got lost. We’ve walked so much today, and after walking down to the bottom and coming out a completely different direction, we got help and made it to the station.

We are now on our way home, then headed to the night market.


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