Starbucks is Improving its WiFi with Google’s Help

Starbucks announced today that it’s boosting its WiFi Network in more than 7,000 stores and it will be taking place over the next 18 months. The WiFi boost will be seen in all new stores, and implemented in older store with the most WiFi usage, it says that customers will get speeds “up to 10x faster” than before. This is great news and considering that most stores are currently equipped with T1 lines, which have data speeds of about 1.5 megabits per second, which is slow especially when a lot of users on the network. They will be working with Google and Level 3 Communications to upgrade each store with a variety of solutions — including DSL, cable modems and multiple T1s — depending on what’s appropriate.

If you’re an avid user of Starbuck’s Free WiFi, this will greatly improve your experience and make it a much more reliable system.


One comment

  1. ahproductions · July 31, 2013

    That’s so sick. Nice find and article! Looking forward to this. It is greatly needed!

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