Undeclared Season Review

If you’re a fan of the series Freaks and Geeks, this is another series directed by Judd Apatow’s, which uses a lot of the same character and tries to capture the appeal that Freaks and Geeks had.

Undeclared follows Steve Karp, a dorky high schooler trying to rebrand himself, and a his dorm-mates as they embark on their first year of college at a fictional University of Northeastern California. It deals with the many dynamics of college life and shows a young mans journey from adolescent to adulthood, focusing on the many maturity points that come from living on your own.


Kevin Hart Guest Appearance

After the end of the first episode you’ll get the vibe that this was made by the same people that produced Freaks and Geeks, from the cast to the awkward humor, it’s all there but still lacks that certain something. The show has similar humor to Freaks and Geeks and
Steve’s Dad is especially funny, who after being divorced by his mom, begins to tag along with Steve and relive his college years as the “cool” Dad. There is a ton of guest stars throughout the season, from Adam Sandler to Kevin Hart and more, the show has an incredible cast and in this aspect it has aged well.


Dreaming of You..

However unlike Freaks and Geeks, this show is incredible outdated and a lot of the references and things they do on the show, just don’t apply to college life anymore. For example CD players, landline phones in dorm, and a lot more. This makes it hard to relate to, and to take the show seriously and doesn’t have the same nostalgia as Freaks and Geeks has. The show deals with a lot of stereotypes, sometimes they work other times they don’t, like the dorm parties or the fact that people parties in the dorm, just isn’t accurate anymore. Despite the general G Rated version of College that this Undeclared depicts, it does overcome these few flaws and has a lot of great lessons and realistic moments about college that still apply today.


Seth Rogen

It’s one of those rare gems on Netflix, and if you have an account I suggest you check it out.

Undeclared Review

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